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Reader Column: One Good Thing About Kickoffs..

August 28, 2011

The following is a reader column submitted by friend of THB Brian Landry. Follow him @LandryLaundry.

In the NFL, kickoffs make for some of the most exciting and unpredictable plays,and I’d imagine most of you are not in favor of moving kickoffs up 5 yards. Well, neither am I. But, there’s a part of this a lot of us have overlooked.

As the 2011 NFL football season is coming on the heels of an extended lockout, undrafted free agents and draft picks have had no organized team activities. Many are quick to point out the difficulties that inexperienced rookies are having on offense and defense, yet special teams units seem to get lost in the discussion. You may say that special teams don’t need OTAs as much as the offenses and defenses do, and you may be right. That said, a good portion of undrafted free agents and draft picks run special teams. Without all of the off-season work, it’s reasonable to believe that the quality of special teams play would suffer.