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February 25, 2011

There was absolutely nothing dramatic or surprising about Miguel Cabrera’s obligatory press conference and apology. Nothing.

The only drama comes from newspapers and radio. I give most of you credit, as you are pretty good at wading through the bullshit. We simply classify it in the nonsense category.

But enter Ryan Terpstra and an unknown reporter asking Cabrera questions in Lakeland as fine microcosms of subtle nonsense.



We’re Back

February 25, 2011

Hello all. We’re back.

A stint in Washington, D.C. had me completely overwhelmed and unable to balance everything I wanted to do. But with my final semester at Emerson College, a brand new radio show, and a little time on my hands, The Honolulu Blue is back.

For those of you following our twitter and radio show, thank you. I hope you enjoy my work here, on Emerson Talk and Information Network ( and on The Daily Fungo.
Let’s do it Detroit.