Bowl Chaos System

by Ian Shapiro

The following is a guest article and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Honolulu Blue.

Ever been to a wedding? It involves a bride, groom, best man, maid of honor and some other randoms. Well that’s what the BCS is this year except instead of having everything set, there are still games left in the college football season left and much debate over who will meet as the so called bride and groom. Who will go to Arizona to play in the BCS National Championship game?

With the new BCS rankings out today it had what everybody would expect: Auburn and Oregon at the top. This is really all that matters right now because if they both run the table then they will both end up in Arizona for the championship game.

Upsets can happen and thinking Auburn and Oregon will run the table easily is foolish. Auburn does look like it should beat the next three teams on its schedule up until the Iron Bowl against Alabama. So for arguments sake, lets say Alabama wins, I mean the team is almost unbeatable and its in Tuscaloosa, so they do have an advantage. If Alabama wins and then beats whomever it may face in the SEC Championship game, do they deserve to jump teams like TCU or Boise State? Alabama’s current BCS rating is .7185 and Boise States and TCU’s is .8824 and .8891 respectively.

So now onto Oregon, they look like a freight train going full speed on offense. Does that mean they will run the table? They should beat their next two opponents in Washington and Cal, but then Arizona is next on their schedule. Arizona is a one loss team that is underrated and has the talent to give Oregon a run for their money. If Oregon does beat Arizona, who beat Iowa earlier in the year, then they go to Oregon State and play in the Civil War. This is another game they can lose. So if Oregon and Auburn have 1 loss each, will Boise State or TCU play for the national championship?

Now onto TCU, who plays undefeated Utah on Saturday. If they win, I believe that regardless of who they play, if one of the teams above them lose they should get a shot at a national championship game. So TCU would play who? I mean the team with the best resume if Oregon and Auburn lose is probably Wisconsin. They have one loss to a Michigan State team who was ranked as high as 5th in the BCS standings. They also have wins against former number 1 Ohio State and currently 16th ranked Iowa. Obviously they have to run the table, but if a 1 loss team is going to make it based off resume, it should be Wisconsin.

There is a dark horse in this situation, assuming Oregon and Auburn lose, and that is Nebraska. They just man handled Missouri and are ranked number 7 in the BCS standings. They should run the table, and then have a matchup with Oklahoma. They will be ranked at least 5 by the time they are playing in the Big 12 championship game, (Auburn vs. Alabama, Utah vs. TCU). Then Oklahoma will be ranked 7th or higher assuming they run the table. Then it’s really Oklahoma vs whomever Alabama plays in the SEC championship game. That will probably be South Carolina, who Alabama lost to already this season. So with a quarter of the season left, who is walking up to the alter to earn a trip to Arizona? All that this means is a playoff.


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