Lions, Playoffs: Yes

I love you, Mike O’Hara. After all the crap I took about calling the Lions a playoff contender (still are), O’Hara beautifully articulates what I have been saying all along. Now, while The Honolulu Blue gets about 200 hits a day (much appreciated), coming from O’Hara it means a lot more. These are his words:

It remains to be seen if the Lions can build on their win over the Rams and get into what shapes up as a wide-open scramble for the NFC’s six playoff spots.

One Response to “Lions, Playoffs: Yes”

  1. Tiger Rick Says:

    Lions lost today, November 14, to the previously winless Bills. Word on the street is that the ’08 team, Kitna, Culpepper, Orlovsky, Ernie Sims, Marinelli,and of course, Matt Millen, broke out the champagne this afternoon. just like the 1972 Miami Dolphins alumni do when the last undefeated team in a season losses. Go Lions.

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