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Lions, Playoffs: Yes

October 15, 2010

I love you, Mike O’Hara. After all the crap I took about calling the Lions a playoff contender (still are), O’Hara beautifully articulates what I have been saying all along. Now, while The Honolulu Blue gets about 200 hits a day (much appreciated), coming from O’Hara it means a lot more. These are his words:

It remains to be seen if the Lions can build on their win over the Rams and get into what shapes up as a wide-open scramble for the NFC’s six playoff spots.

Your 2011 Tigers

October 14, 2010

This is going to be your “not so in-depth” look at the upcoming free agent market for the Detroit Tigers.  I’d like to reserve any kind of bold predictions or detailed analysis until we get closer to December.  That said, at a glance, here are my ramblings.


Reader Column: Lions, Tigers, and Rick

October 13, 2010

Tiger Rick is a Detroit sports nut and sports history buff.  While I was recovering from my hangover from MSU’s victory, he posted a nice comment to one of my columns. I decided to post it. Enjoy.

The hilarious wit and various opinions are not necessarily my own.

While you were suffering through the brown bottle flu, you missed the Lions first official victory of the season. You are lucky, I can pick up your slack and report to your followers. Junior and I normally hang out on the Comerica Park side of Brush street, but we decided to throw caution to the wind and went down for the Meijer sponsored Lion Alumni autograph signing and the other pregame activities outside of Ford Field on game day.


So, why not?

October 10, 2010

Fresh off pure domination in the Big House, I’ve come up with a new slogan for Sparta going forward.

Why not?