Different Week, Different Way, But Same Story

Vick’s down, pass complete. It never ended.

To the Lions credit, their front four was relentless and ferocious.  They “contained” Vick for the most part, and really never quit. The same is not true for the seven guys that play behind them.

Trailing 28-17 with 9:22 remaining, the Lions were forced to punt from inside their own 10. A stop on Philly’s ensuing drive would at least keep you in the ballgame. It’s a new year right? The defense should rise to the occasion. But they didn’t. They were rolled over, ultimately being punched in the face by a LeSean McCoy touchdown jog.

Go ahead and talk about Jim Schwartz’s decision to opt for a fourth down gamble in the fourth quarter. Go ahead and talk about how inept the secondary was all game. Go ahead and talk about missing Stafford. All those things are true. But the bottom line with this team, moreover this franchise, is they can’t get over the most important hump. And that’s finding a way to win a ballgame.

Let me be clear: The Detroit Lions were as good if not better than the Philadelphia Eagles today. But they lost. This time they had to find a way to blow a two possession lead midway through the second quarter, then overcome their miracle onside kick to lose this one.

A different week, a different way, but in the end…same old story.

2 Responses to “Different Week, Different Way, But Same Story”

  1. Dom Says:

    I’m freaking crying over here.

  2. Tiger Rick Says:

    Why anyone bothers following this organization is beyond me. Nothing has changed, you could have went to sleep thirty years ago when Tommy Hudspeth or Rick Forzano was the coach and woke up the other day, watched the Lions and you would have thought you only slept for 8 hours. I can’t believe the support this team and this owner gets from the city and the suburbs. Its a national disgrace. You could move this team out to say Portland Oregon or San Antonio or Vegas, any city that would take them, put an expansion team in and be further on the road to the Super Bowl. Why even bother going to Ford Field, parking that is 20 bucks when the Tigers are in town magically jumps to 40 bucks, even though its the same lot, and your car is still the same. Put up with arrogant fools who do pat down searches on the way in, and then sell you beer for ten bucks or whatever it is. Its bad enough that the prices are outrageous but the food is downright awful, almost as bad as the team. I have been Lions free for most of my adolescent and adult live. Its only the first ten of years of my life and the memory of watching my uncles sneak flasks into Tiger Stadium that keeps me even remotely interested. I really wouldn’t care if they packed up and moved tomorrow and Ford Field stood as a monument to the failed heirs of a failed automaker in a city that is the ultimate failure.

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