Blue Poll: Who ya got?

One Response to “Blue Poll: Who ya got?”

  1. Tiger Rick Says:

    I voted for Scherzer by default, although I think in time, Porcello will be the man. Verlander has proven time and again, starting with the first game of the 2006 World Series that he is not a big game pitcher. He had the chance to put it to the Indians in that disasterous four game series after the all star break, was handed a three run lead, and couldn’t get the job done. Verlander’s father is a local union official back in Richmond and so Verlander was raised with that union mentality of doing just enough to get by, which is how he pitches, IMHO. I would trade Verlander right now, straight up, for one of at least five other pitchers in the league. Porcello earned his bones last year in game 163, which Leland cost the Tigers by a) taking him out too early and b) putting Zach Miner in, when he knew Miner, although a nice kid, is essentially a mop up man who gives you innings in meaningless games.

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