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Theo Epstein: “I want to be clear, we have the ability to make the postseason (this year).”

July 31, 2010

When it was all said and done, the only major moves the Boston Red Sox made were the acquisitions of catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia from the Rangers, reliever Daniel Turpen from the Giants, and some internal movement.



LIVE BLOG! Wade Fink from Fenway Park

July 31, 2010

Wade Fink is at Fenway Park covering the Saturday and Sunday Tigers/Sox games. Follow the Daily Fungo all weekend for Pre, In, and Post game coverage. Email Wade at

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Wade Fink on New England Sports Newtork

July 30, 2010

Wade Fink was interviewed by NESN as part of their “Across Enemy Lines” column. With the Tigers in town to face the Red Sox, Wade fielded the most pressing Tiger questions.

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Stay with The Honolulu Blue and The Daily Fungo for continuing coverage of the Tigers/Red Sox. Wade Fink will be in Boston, live from Fenway all weekend.

On the Road Again..

July 30, 2010

Wade Fink is on the road with the Tigers again, this time in his second home of Boston. Follow THB and The Daily Fungo all weekend for Tigers/Sox coverage..

Cruel and Unusual

July 27, 2010


Matt Garza’s no-hitter reflected the state of the Tigers way more than it did the brilliance of Matt Garza.

And no, I’m not going to mask that statement by saying “not to take anything away from Matt Garza” because, frankly, I am.

That was, without question, the most unimpressive no-hitter I’ve ever seen, including Edwin Jackson‘s hilarious bid.

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Disaster Strikes

July 25, 2010

Jason Beck of is reporting that Carlos Guillen is also headed to the DL.

The Tigers will purchase the contract of minor leaguers Jeff Larish and Will Rhymes.


July 25, 2010

Being an eternal optimist has made me a much happier person, but even I struggle to find any silver lining in what happened five hours after my last post.

Lynn Henning’s 10-30 prognastication might have gained traction in the real world following the loss of Magglio Ordonez tonight.

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The Panic of 2010

July 24, 2010

The Reading Company was one of the most powerful corporations in United States history. They constructed one of the first railroads in the United States, which served Philadelphia’s coal industry.

In 1893, the Reading Company, also referred to as the Reading Railroad, went into receivership. Receivership is a fancy term for when a company and its assets are placed in the hands of a third-party, many times, government regulators. In response to its possible collapse, the numerous banks and companies that relied on the Reading’s business went into a state of terror.

That terror quickly corroded public confidence, sending stocks into a tailspin and ultimately scaring European investors into pulling their funds out of American business. People rushed to the banks to withdraw their money, fearing imminent collapse, which, oddly enough, only expedites and encourages collapse.

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Update on Dan Haren

July 23, 2010

From Buster Olney’s twitter (just moments ago):

Heard this: The Diamondbacks are asking the Tigers for pitchers Jacob Turner and Andrew Oliver.

From Buster Olney (two days ago):

Heard this: The D-Backs are in the process of exchanging names on Dan Haren. I don’t know if any team is necessarily deeper  into talks than other teams, but the Detroit Tigers are serious in their interest on Haren. Some execs have serious doubts about whether a Haren deal can be made, because the D-Backs will need a big-time haul in return for the All-Star pitcher.

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July 22, 2010