Izzo ‘still gathring’ amidst rumors and speculation

News broke last night from in the Cleveland Plain Dealer saying that Lebron James was ‘100 percent’ behind the hiring of Tom Izzo.

Later today, the paper seemed to once again reneg on their earlier reports in a story that said James will not get invovled with the process.

Earlier yesterday, Tom Izzo responded to numerous text messages from media basically saying he was “still gathering” and had not come to a decision yet.

Meanwhile, at the Breslin Center today, Tom Izzo was present for the first day of his annual basketball camp.  He arrived around 7:30AM, but was silent as he passed the mob of reporters.  Reporters were camped outside his office all day today, but no revelations were made.  In a speech to the campers, Izzo revealed no clues about his future.

You can still expect a decision this week, or you can perhaps expect no decision this week.  The only definitive news I have for you from a definitive first-hand source, is that Tom Izzo truthfully has not made a final decision yet.  He is employing the help of a wide array of friends, family, and industry professionals.


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