As years come and go, cornbread remains fresh




We all get excited.  Drew Sharp included.  On the brink of a new season, entering mid-June, NFL news lies dormant.  In its place are the hopes and predictions of players and fans alike.  What are they saying?  The usual.

From the popular Lions blog, Pride of Detroit:

All joking aside, I can honestly say that have not felt this way since the mid-90’s or maybe to a small extent after the 2004 draft (when we added Roy and Kevin to be the final offensive pieces with Joey and Charles).

Sounds familiar..this next one from The Honolulu Blue:

With the exception of maybe the 2004 Detroit Lions, this team is the most intriguing since the painstaking Millen Era began.

It even extends to the players, like this gem from Lions rookie DT Ndamukong Suh:

My expectations are the playoffs at the least, and I don’t see why we can’t get that.

Or this one from second year DB Louis Delmas:

If we get eight wins and we don’t make it to the playoffs, I’ll be pissed. So that’s what we’re shooting for.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.  Let me preempt the impending Drew Sharp column telling you why you should be miserable, and why you should just give up on the Lions because by lowering your expectations, you don’t set yourself up for disappointment.  The problem with that Drew…it’s a hell of a lot less fun.

Get amped, get pumped.  Read about the OTAs. Follow the team everyday in the paper or on blogs.  Buy into the players’ optimism. And while you’re buying things, buy some gear, too.

Tell yourself that Suh is going to have an immediate impact, putting the icing on a completely revamped defense that has struggled mightily over the years.  

And you know what, tell your friends why you think the Lions are making the playoffs this year.  It’s okay, you don’t need to swallow your optimism just because it has become trendy to hate on the Lions.  

Screw that.  Get excited.  The people feeding you the hatorade ad-nauseam are only doing so because we buy into it.  So what if we’re blindly fans?  There’s nothing wrong with being a fan.  Is that not the fun?  It is the same reason that every sports writer, radio guy, and blogger made sports a career.  We’re fans!  It’s okay to be overly-optimistic and love your team.  

If they go 3-13, so what!? Is it more fun to be apathetic and bored? Of course not.

Love your team.  Don’t be dragged down.  It’s sports.  

Cornbread, after all, is really, really good.


2 Responses to “As years come and go, cornbread remains fresh”

  1. Dan Podheiser Says:

    Thanks for leaving a caption on that photo, I would have never guessed it was cornbread. The title certainly didn’t give it away, nor did the cornbread in the picture.

  2. wadefink Says:

    Personally I thought it was funny.

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