Sources: Izzo announcement ‘might’ be Monday

Michigan State head coach, for now, Tom Izzo will not be making a decision today regarding his future.  Previous reports in the Detroit Free Press and Cleveland Plain Dealer said the decision would come today, but The Cleveland Plain Dealer has since reneged, and sources told The Honolulu Blue that the decision will not be made until at least Monday.

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

At least several players left this meeting believing Izzo was going to accept the Cavs’ offer, a source told The Plain Dealer. Izzo told people Friday that he would come to a decision soon but that it wouldn’t be Saturday, according to sources. There is a general feeling among Michigan State officials that Izzo will either accept the Cavs job or finally turn it down by Monday.

We’re not sure exactly what “general feeling” means, but THB has confirmed that weighing heavy on Izzo’s mind is his daughter, who will be entering high school in the fall.  Considering how many swings and misses the Cleveland media has taken during this whole saga, I wouldn’t trust their “sources” nor would I worry just yet.


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