Offense absent, again

The story should be highlighting what a solid effort Max Scherzer left on the field today.  But, it’s not.  The story is, and continues to be, about an offense that cannot find enough runs.

Down 2-0, with the bases loaded, two-outs, and a struggling reliever Sergio Santos on the bump, Miguel Cabrera struck out on a 3-2 changeup.  He tossed his bat aside.  His bat may as well represented the Tigers’ hopes for their first Central Divison title should their 3-8 record over the last 11 games be an indication of the rest of the summer.

Max Scherzer returned for his 3rd start since returning from a short stint in Toledo, and he was impressive.  Scherzer went 7.1 innings, striking out 7 and allowing just 3 earned.  The Tigers’ offense can ill afford to waste scarce brilliance from their starters.

The Tigers only real chance came in the 8th inning when they loaded the bases with 1 out for Ryan Raburn.  Shockingly, Raburn hit a popout to first base, contributing a typical unproductive out.  Cabrera followed with that ‘K’.  

White Sox starter John Danks went 7 innings, allowing just one hit.  The Tigers were held to just 3 hits altogether.

After the game, in a expletive-ridden conference, Jim Leyland berated the offense.

“You’ve got to hit somebody. They’re good pitchers, don’t misunderstand me. But three straight days, inning after inning, day after day,” he said. “I’m not upset with anybody, I’m just stating fact.” (ESPN)

The Tigers open a 3-game set against the Pirates tomorrow night at Comerica Park.


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