Favre is no Lidstrom

Wonderful article today from Becky Fritter, a guest columnist at the Detroit Free Press.  She describes the differences between Nick Lidstrom’s free agency and Brett Favre’s never-ending saga. She eloquently writes:

“Interviews from both Favre and Lidstrom regarding their futures highlight one very noticeable difference between the two. Lidstrom discusses the future of the Red Wings with humility and a more collective tone, almost as though he is just one small yet well-oiled, defense-producing feather on a giant red wing. Favre has talked about the same future and attempted the same message, but in between rehearsed sentences, it’s easier to hear “This team is good enough to take me to another championship,” rather than “I can help take this team to another championship.”

And there you have it. Lidstrom wants to take the Wings to another Stanley Cup championship, while Favre just wants to take himself to another Super Bowl, whether he’s with the Vikings, the Las Vegas Locomotives or that summer camp from Duluth that got free tickets for this year.

Does this mean Favre is selfish? Maybe, even though it’d be downright silly to judge a professional athlete for yearning for just one more year, just one more chance at a championship. What it does illustrate is how grateful Wings fans should be for a player like Lidstrom. Not only has he contributed immeasurably to the legacy of the Red Wings (four Stanley Cups, six Norris trophies, countless records), but he treats Detroit and the fans with respect. This may not be the first time that we’ve all wondered about his retirement, but we’ve been given clear answers without waiting in limbo for months. We’ve also never had reason to question if he’s going to, well, “adjust” his answer afterward.”

Read the full article by clicking here


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