Baligian Mornings

Here’s a clip from this morning’s show that references THB’s Wade Fink. Sean Baligian is discussing how sports have changed in Detroit because of Pistons, Tigers, and Red Wings success.  Remembering the good ol’ days. Make sure to tune in weekdays from 7-10am, 1130AM Detroit or online at for Sean Baligian Mornings.  THB will be at WDFN all summer.

Click here for audio


One Response to “Baligian Mornings”

  1. Jeff Hancock Says:

    Good stuff. The ESPN Page 2 article is foolish. Outside of Boston…I can’t think of a more successful all-around sports city in the past decade. The Wings are far from done. The Tigers just won four straight home series against the four 2009 AL playoff teams. The Lions have Suh. Need I say more. And the Pistons…well…I’m calling it now…they’re going to win the lottery tomorrow night.

    Go Detroit.

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