Tigers make early statement

It’s early, no doubt.  But what the Tigers did this week shows they are serious contenders.

“Congrats on one game against our DL-ed lineup,” said Robb Pearson from our friends over at 35 Isn’t Enough.

I don’t care.  The Tigers absolutely dominated the New York Yankees this week.  The defending Champion New York Yankees, I might add.  

In taking 3 of 4 from the Bronx Bombers, the Tigers did it in unpredictable fashion.  Whether it was winning games with Brad Thomas and Eddie Bonine filling in for a sick Dontrelle Willis, or a bullpen that posted a 1.72 ERA in 3 wings, or starters that went deep into ballgames, helping the Tigers bullpen keep from being overused, the Tigers absolutely manhandled a team touted to be the best in the league.

Even in the 8-0 “rout” in game 2 of a double-header Wednesday, the Yankees had scored 2 runs through 8 innings, both coming off cheap, 2 out bloopers.  

They were solid.

Rick Porcello showed why he will not be hampered by the “sophomore slump,” going 7 innings allowing no runs and just 4 hits.  Justin Verlander showed why he was worth every damn penny, throwing his third straight gem, allowing no runs on 4 hits with 4 strikeouts. Miguel Cabrera went 6-for-14 with a jack and 4 RBI continuing what will be his MVP season.

I don’t care how hurt you are, Yankee fans, when you have a lineup that features Jeter-Gardner-Teixiera-ARoid-Cano, and you get manhandled like you did…give credit where its due.

Everything was good.

I will take a little credit away from the Tigers, but only in that the Yankees looked completely disinterested and arrogant. Typical for an organization that may as well head to Tiffany and Co. (makers of the Commissioner’s Trophy) and just pay cash. 

Jose Valverde got into the Yankees heads and into Tigers’ fans hearts at the same time.  He shut the door on two games in impressive fashion, and the Tigers shut the door on an impressive series against the Yanks.

Even considering this is the first year since 2001 we have been without a playoff team this time of year, things aren’t looking bad for the summer in the D.


One Response to “Tigers make early statement”

  1. Dan Podheiser Says:

    “or a bullpen that posted a 1.72 ERA in 3 WINGS,”

    mmmm, Wing It

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