CSI: San Jose

Can someone please dust for fingerprints at the Shark tank?  There was a robbery late last night in San Jose, California.  

Chief suspect in the disgusting theft last night? The officials.

Drew Sharp read my mind in his article this morning when he says, “Complaining about officiating is usually the coward’s way of rationalizing defeat while side-stepping self-accountability.”

In this case, however, we both agree, that something is tragically different.

Not to take away from what the Sharks have done, they have been good, but, what keyed their third period comeback last night was the discrepancy in penalty minutes.  Most of them were cheap too.  You cannot spend as much time in the box as the Wings did last night and expect to win.

The scoreboard read 4-3, but the stat of the night was 9-3.  That was the penalty difference in favor of San Jose.

Last year, the Wings were unable to overcome the horrendous officiating from the front office in the Stanley Cup Finals.  We can only hope they can muster some magic to overcome this atrocity.


One Response to “CSI: San Jose”

  1. Brian Says:

    2 Goaltender interference calls, Bertuzzi’s BS holding call, countless others. I never make the ref scapegoats but last night was pretty brutal.

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