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Michigan practice scandal breakdown

May 31, 2010

After 130 years of rule-breaking virginity, the University of Michigan football program admitted to four major NCAA rule violation allegations, while disputing a fifth allegation. 



Parker: Tigers want Roy Oswalt

May 26, 2010

Local writer Rob Parker has confirmed what many have been saying…the Detroit Tigers seriously want Houston Ace Roy Oswalt.


Sports Illustrated: Lions make “significant” progress

May 20, 2010

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King did his annual pre-season power rankings and put the Lions ahead of 8 other NFL teams.  

Intern Envy

May 19, 2010


My Competition


After being severely disappointed in the completely lopsided attention given to WDFN’s other intern, Paige, I challenged Sean and Killer this morning. In response, they said, “let’s leave it to the people to decide.”  They opened a poll at around 8:30AM this morning with the question “Who would you rather hear more about?”  That was followed by a picture of myself and Paige.  See it here.

Knowing that it was impossible to beat an attractive girl in a popularity vote with a heavily male demographic, I told Killer that 10% would be a monumental victory, especially considering my constituents do not wake up earlier than noon.  Here’s the results.  Thanks to everyone who voted, I love you.

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Wade Fink on Bullpen Talk

May 17, 2010

The Honolulu Blue’s Wade Fink was a special guest on Bullpen Talk, a blog for national baseball news and opinion. Bullpen Talk wanted some in depth analysis about the Detroit Tigers. Check it out!

For the second episode of the Pen Podcast, my guest is co-producer of WDFN 1130 AM Detroit Sports Talk Morning Show, and The Honolulu blue founder, Wade Fink.

Wade goes in-depth on all of the hot-button Detroit Tigers topics..

Full Interview

Bullpen Talk Blog

Baligian Mornings

May 17, 2010

Here’s a clip from this morning’s show that references THB’s Wade Fink. Sean Baligian is discussing how sports have changed in Detroit because of Pistons, Tigers, and Red Wings success.  Remembering the good ol’ days. Make sure to tune in weekdays from 7-10am, 1130AM Detroit or online at for Sean Baligian Mornings.  THB will be at WDFN all summer.

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Luck be a Piston, Tuesday

May 17, 2010

From Chris Iott at MLive

The good news for the Detroit Pistons: The team with the sixth-best odds to win the NBA draft lottery — a spot the Pistons share with the Philadelphia 76ers — has scored the top pick in two of the past five years.

The bad news: The lottery is random. Past results are not an accurate predictor of future events.

Full Column

ESPN: Detroit ‘unlivable’

May 17, 2010

As part of his Page 2 column on, DJ Gallo wrote an article satirizing Forbes Magazine’s “Most Livable Places in America” by putting a sports spin on it.  Here’s what he had to say about Detroit.


Red Wings deserve ‘credit’

May 17, 2010

Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press wrote a nice piece detailing why the Red Wings deserve credit this year.

For the past five seasons, all 30 teams have had the same limit on how much could be spent on putting together a contender. In that same span, three clubs — that’s 10% of the league — have managed to forge teams that made the playoffs every year.

Detroit is one of those. San Jose and New Jersey are the others. The Wings are the only ones in the group within those five years to have won a Stanley Cup (in 2008) and then return to the finals the following spring. In contrast, this is the first year the Sharks have made it out of the second round. The Devils made it to the second round in ’06 and ’07 and since have exited in the first round every year.

Read full article here.

Scherzer and Sizemore to minors

May 17, 2010

One day after THB called for Max Scherzer to head to Toledo..he was.  It appears his replacement in the rotation will be Armando Galaragga.  THB made the suggestion following Friday’s loss to the Red Sox.  Joining Scherzer in the minors wil be rookie second baseman, Scott Sizemore. Both have struggled in their first seasons as Tigers.  Read THB’s suggestion from Friday by clicking here.