Comprehensive Draft Preview

Pressing questions, draft scenarios…the Rams are on the clock, and THB has you covered.

Taylor Mays


From Timothy Dudek, Bleacher Report

Who is the potential Linebacker the Lions are raving about?

Martin Mayhew and Jim Shwartz have talked about a player that they believe can be a good linebacker in this league. The say they seem something in him that other people might not be seeing. This is interesting news coming from Detroit. Hopefully they are looking at a player like a DE or a safety that they believe they can turn into a OLB.

I believe that this player that they are looking into is none other then Taylor Mays. I believe that he could easily be turned into a good OLB in this league. His major problem why he isn’t a great FS is that he likes to go for the big hit instead of the coverage play. While playing OLB he can showcase his speed and his hitting power.

He is a guy that always has his motor running an would need some conditioning to get use to playing OLB but I think he can learn the position. His average coverage skill would be great to for OLB and he has the speed to keep up with a team’s TE, RB or WR in coverage.

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From Kevin Seifert, ESPN

What if the Lions don’t draft Suh?

As we discussed a few weeks ago, many media draft analysts actually favor Oklahoma’sas a pure prospect. Suh is considered the so-called “safer” choice because of his heavy college production. Still, we’ve got nothing other than conventional wisdom and peer pressure telling us the Lions rank Suh over McCoy. For all we know, it could be McCoy.

Without Suh or McCoy, the likeliest starting defensive tackle duo would be Corey Williams and Sammie Lee Hilll. Unless the Lions trade for Washington defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, another possible impediment to drafting Suh.

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 From Mitch Albom, Detroit Free Press

 The Draft isn’t as big as you think!

It is shameless enough that TV execs have milked this cow to exhaustion. It is sad enough that tout services wring every ridiculous detail out of these young men, as if they were livestock. It’s pathetic enough that the money handed out to the top picks, who haven’t played a down in the NFL, will exceed the salaries of all but a few of the players who have been killing themselves for years.

Forget all that. Forget the pomp. Forget the money. Think about the time.

Your time. It’s worth more than this.

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From Michael Rosenberg, Detroit Free Press

3 Thoughts on Suh

1. The Lions should take Ndamukong Suh, the dominant defensive tackle from Nebraska.

2. If the Lions don’t take Suh, they will face the biggest revolt from their fans since, um … uh, I don’t know. I haven’t updated my Lions Fan Revolt rankings lately. There have been too many. I can’t keep track.

3. The Lions should ignore Thoughts 1 and 2 and take whomever they want to take

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The Honolulu Blue’s Official Top 10 Mock, and prediction

Mock drafts are silly.  Especially if you try to predict anything beyond the first round.  We are going to stick with a guess at the top 10.

1. St. Louis — Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma, Rams need him.  They have invested a lot already into their D-Line.

2. Detroit — Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska, Best player available, dominant interior lineman.

3. Tampa Bay — Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma, The Bucs love Suh, but McCoy isn’t a bad consolation

4. Washington — Eric Berry, S, Tennessee, Big time playmaker, shut down DB, will help that defense

5. Kansas City — Russell Okung, T, Oklahoma State, The best tackle in the draft, the Chiefs already have a nice line to build on.

6. Seattle — C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson, Second best back in my book to Best, but Seattle needs one and he’s safer.

7. Cleveland — Trent Williams, T, Oklahoma, They need help in the trenches.

8. Oakland — Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame, The sooner they accept Russell was a bust, the better.

9. Buffalo — Bryan Bulaga, T, Iowa, One of their bigger needs is on O-Line, he may be the best available.

10. Jacksonville — Joe Haden, CB, Florida, Their biggest need is NOT cornerback, but this guy is great value at 10.

Rams are still on the clock. Make sure you keep your computers on The Honolulu Blue for the live blog starting at 715pm!

One Response to “Comprehensive Draft Preview”

  1. Richard Wolk Says:

    Taylor Mays with pick #34 would be tremendous.

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