Lions three-way deal doesn’t make any sense

The Lions have reportedly traded former first round pick and starting linebacker Ernie Sims to the Philadelphia Eagles in a three-team deal.  The trade also sends veteran tight-end Tony Scheffler from Denver to Detroit, and a 5th round pick from Philly to Denver.

This trade is dumbfounding.  Are the Lions planning another splash in free agency (Keith Bullock, perhaps)? Are the Lions planning on doing something crazy with the second overall pick? It seems all the Lions have done is confirm that TE Brandon Pettigrew’s recovery is behind schedule, and opened up another gaping hole on defense.  

Don’t get it.


5 Responses to “Lions three-way deal doesn’t make any sense”

  1. leezy Says:

    agreed, it makes no sense.

  2. Cory Manoogian Says:

    casey fitzsimmons retired because of concussions, how long before earnie sims has to do the same, they got a blocking tight end in Sheffler. Earnie Sims was my favorite Lion, it is sad to see him go but they obviously didnt think they could resign him. fuck it, let’s just go bowling

  3. Noah K Says:

    Scheffler is NOT a blocking tight end. The complete opposite, in fact. Sims was not only a sub-par, inconsistent linebacker in a system built for him, but is not at all the right fit for Schwartz’s system.

  4. leezy Says:

    Sims didn’t live up to his glory, but getting rid of a starting LB for a tight end doesn’t help the Lions defense at all.

  5. Noah S Says:

    scheffler could be the missing piece holding us back from a super bowl…fuck it, lets go bowling

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