Reader Column: The End of an Era

by Alex Redlus

Syracuse University

Because our Pistons suffered their first season in 9 years without a playoff birth, I thought we should at least acknowledge playoff basketball.  The following article was written by a communications student at Syracuse University, and Florida native Alex Redlus.  The views expressed in the following article are not necessarily those of THB.

2008 seems so long ago. For fans that cheer the green and white, it has been two seasons since the Celts defeated the Lakers for the title, and much has changed.

The big three has been together for almost 3 full seasons and the emergence of Rajon Rondo has made him into an elite point guard. Through of all of this, though, there are many things that lead me to think that the party is just about over.

To the rest of the NBA, the Celtics are embodied in Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce. It is this core group that have led the Celtics to be one of the league’s elite over the past three seasons, but this year seems different. Garnett has been injured for much of the season, and Ray Allen averaged four points under his career average, as has Paul Pierce. But all of this is not the reason why I believe that the Celtics are going to lose to the Miami Heat in the first round of the playoffs.

Dwyane Wade is too much too handle in this day and age and the Miami Heat have  won 18 of their last 22 games. The Celtics did sweep the season series, yes, but I believe that this time it will be too much for the Celtics, especially with the recent news about Doc Rivers potentially stepping down at seasons end. This does not bode well for Boston, because no team can win when their coach doesn’t want to, and right now the Celtics do not have that fire that they once had.

Miami on the other hand does, and this team is my dark horse at the number five seed, because, believe it or not, the Heat match up best with both the Cavaliers and the Magic.

I would like to end with my condolences to the Celtics.  The Big Three is really not what it once was, and I am sure that if Rivers does in fact retire at the end of the season, it will be a major shakeup in the organization as well. That is it, my rant is over, take a second, think about it.  The Celtics will fall to the Heat in 6.


One Response to “Reader Column: The End of an Era”

  1. Dandy Dan Says:

    Dwayne Wade. Check it ooooouuuuuttttt….

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