THB/Last Call got beef

A minor Twitter war has sparked some harsh feelings between The Honolulu Blue and Boston sports blog “Last Call on ETIN.”

A few tidbits:

In response to an article about the Tigers finishing low in the AL Central, THB said..

thehonolulublue: @LastCallETIN …that’s what happens when you have “experts” pretending they know about the AL central

THB also criticized their use of a picture of Ivan Rodriguez and Todd Jones to preview the Tigers, which drew this response

LastCall_Sports: that’s what happens when your team sucks and no one takes pictures of them #tigers blow

And most recently

thehonolulublue: more lunacy from @LastCall_SPORTS, as they pick Coyotes to beat Big Red Machine in 6. Again showing their #ignorance

Which drew this response

LastCall_Sports: @thehonolulublue feel free to be a journalist for once in your life and not pick your own team by the way-just a thought #justsayin #dumbass

and in response to criticism of picking the Wings to lose to the Coyotes..

LastCall_Sports: @thehonolulublue so far so goodtoo. #drinkingthekoolaid #dumbDetroitfans#thinkingthey‘rethebesteventhoughthey’rea5seed

This all coming from the guys who argue the Sox only lose because the Yankees spend more, the Patriots only lose because they get unlucky (and Manning isn’t better than Tom Brady), and the Celtics only losing because Lebron is unfair.

For the record, I don’t have the Tigers winning the division, either.  I just have a problem with the analysis accompanied by a picture of Todd Jones and Ivan Rodriguez for a 2010 season. 

That all being said, I love these guys, don’t get the idea that any of this is serious.  They are all insanely intelligent, and brilliant writers.  You all should definitely get your Boston fix from them here.  I just think it’s a fine highlight of Boston sports elitism and hypocrisy.

One Response to “THB/Last Call got beef”

  1. leezy Says:

    sounds like they’re getting a little defensive. I don’t know if i would consider “your team sucks” as a legitimate argument. also the fact that the wings are a 5 seed is irrelevant. they were plagued with injuries for majority of the season.

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