Wings got swagger

In the words of Kesha from her hit “Tick Tock”, this is why the Wings are your 2010 Stanley Cup Champions.

And now the dudes are lining up ’cause they hear we got swagger, but we kick ’em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger

The Red Wings have been, and continue to be the finest organization not only in the National Hockey League, but perhaps in all of sports.  

Over the last 21 games, the Wings have only lost 3 games in regulation, a run that included a 7 game winning streak, and the Wings guzzling up 34 points in 6 weeks. 

The Wings started the season terribly.  After their first 7 games, they had just 7 points.  They were fighting for the Western Conference’s 8th seed heading into the Olympic Break.  Since, they have managed to climb to the 5th seed, beating teams like the Penguins, Canucks and Blackhawks along the way.  

They are the best team right now, and they know it.  The dudes are lining up in the playoffs ready to topple the Red Wings, perhaps wanting to beat them more than any other team.  They have swagger, and unless some rock star, perhaps a possessed goaltender or unknown forward shows up, the Wings will be kicking these teams to the curb.

Now, now, we go until they kick us out, out, or the Police shut us down, down, Police shut us down, down, Po-Po shut us down

It took a hell of a lot to keep the Wings from winning their second cup in as many years last season.   

The police did shut them down, not handing Evgeni Malkin a suspension in the 2009 Stanley Cup.  NHL rules clearly state that any player who draws an instigator penalty in the final 5 minutes of a game shall be suspended for the next game.  Gary Bettman, devoid of ethics and integrity, completely ignored the rule.  Malkin had 2 assists the next game.

To offset the Wings unbelievable chemistry and hot streak, teams will need a lot of help from the officials to “kick us out.” It isn’t out of the realm of possibilities, as the Wings were ousted from the “club” in 2009 by horrific officiating both on and off the ice.

You build me up, you break me down, my heart it pounds, yeah, you got me…with my hands up, put your hands up, put your hands up

This 2010 campaign has been filled with ups and downs that have made fans weary.  Whether it was stretches where the Wings couldn’t buy a goal, or periods of questionable goaltending, or unbearable injuries, it has been a long year.

The bottom line is simple.  Now that they are in, we put our hands up, and soon they will put theirs up to hold up a giant piece of silver and nickel alloy.

Now, the party don’t start ’til I walk in

Whether you are a Wings fan or not, the playoffs are not the same without this franchise.  Love them or hate them, they are everything that is hockey. Much like the Yankees, they are hated by many, but respected by all.  Without them, like the Yankees, there is no empire to hate or cheer.  The Wings do wonders for hockey, and their ever growing rivalry with Chicago and Pittsburgh only helps.

The Red Wings are in, cue the music, start the party.


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