Mitch Albom on Izzo

Haven’t seen much by Albom lately, but here’s a good feature on Izzo.

The winds howled. The sky was purple-black. A young Tom Izzo pulled his car off the highway, got out and did what they had told him to do: He crawled under the car for safety. There, beneath the chassis, pressed against the earth, he prayed, “Dear Lord, don’t let me die here.” He was a man against the elements, Tom vs. Tornado, a stranger in a strange land …

And that’ll teach you not to leave home.

This is a story you never hear about Tom Izzo, because with Izzo it’s always Michigan State-this and state-of-Michigan-that, born in Michigan, played in Michigan, coached in Michigan, but there was one time (and one time only) he left Michigan, for a whopping seven weeks, and took a job in …

Oklahoma. Tulsa. The Golden Hurricane.

Speaking of which …

Full column


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