THB Exclusive Interview! Tiger Woods’ Mistress

One of Tiger Woods’ mistresses, Joslyn James, spoke to The Honolulu Blue’s Wade Fink and Bullpen Talk’s Dan Podheiser today.  Below is the interview, enjoy.

Note: I’ve heard there have been some problems playing the clip.  A lot of people are listening, so give it about 10-20 seconds to load and if there is a problem, refresh the page and try again.


4 Responses to “THB Exclusive Interview! Tiger Woods’ Mistress”

  1. Bullpen Talk Exclusive Interview: Tiger Woods’ Mistress « Bullpen Talk Says:

    […] You can listen to the interview here. […]

  2. Papa Bakes Says:

    Wade, you are a fantastic interviewer. If I ever get an exclusive interview, I’m gonna send you to do it.

  3. Kim Says:

    Excellent questions Wade! Very clever getting what the public wanted to hear.

  4. THB Interview: Another alleged Tiger Mistress « The Honolulu Blue Says:

    […] this one is not nearly as juicy as its predecessor (for previous interview with Joslyn James click here), but definitely some interesting revelations. […]

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