Wings in position to pursue 5 seed

Getting healthy and going Olympics have changed the Red Wings for the better.  11-2-1 since the beginning of March, the Wings capped off their latest streak with a 1-0 shootout victory over the Nashville Predators on Saturday.

The Wings hold the 6th seed in the Western Conference, a point ahead of the Kings, and a point behind the Preds, having played 1 less game.  

The Red Wings resurgence may be attributed to something as simple as health.  Dan Clearly sat out Saturday’s game, which is no where near as bad as earlier in the year when the Wings were sitting 6 starters at a time.

Hank Zetterberg said, “”During the year, we kind of just went, ‘Oh, we’ll pick it up, we’ll pick it up.’ But now we really knew that if we want to be in the postseason, we have to win a lot of games. It was a little challenge, and I think that’s sometimes what you need.” (Freep)

7 left to play, 14 points up for grabs, jockeying for position all over the Western Conference.

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