What are the Lions thinking?

From Michael Lombardi (National Football Post)

Lions GM Martin Mayhew said this about the possibility of signing Pacman Jones: “Nothing is imminent, but we’ll definitely track down more information. He’s a guy who has a skill set who can help us. He’s had another year of being clean and staying out of trouble. He’s got a better situation, a more stable situation, and he’s got a lot of people out of his life who were in his life prior to now, from what I understand.”

A skill set that can help them? You have got to be kidding me.

What tape did Mayhew watch to determine this? Or is he listening to outside sources? Regardless of his off-the-field history, Pacman’s on-the-field performance should make the Lions stay away. They’re trying to change the culture of their team, and adding a player like Pacman will hurt, not improve, that attempt.

Jones is not a good player; just ask the Cowboys. Mayhew needs to understand that every player he brings into that locker room is an extension of him. He needs think hard about this decision and not rely on friends who might be telling him that Jones has changed.

Watch the tape. Jones is not a first-round talent who failed because of his character. He’s a first-round player who failed because of his talent and then his character. 

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