Jim Schwartz: OT should be consistent

Lions head coach Jim Schwartz had an interesting theory today.  He said that because the new overtime rule may go untested throughout the playoffs, and perhaps its first use will be in the Super Bowl, that the league should look into changing the regular season rule as well.

“I think if the rule’s good for overtime (in the playoffs), it’s good for the regular season also. I know they’ve left open the possibility that we could go to that system this year,” Schwartz said. “The only thing that concerns me about the playoffs is that the first time this system may be used, it might be the Super Bowl. There might not be an overtime in the playoffs and the very first time it’s used is the Super Bowl. That’s your biggest stage and your biggest game. To me, to have something untouched that’s broken out then might be a little bit interesting.” (MLive)

“I think the strongest argument was the statistical evidence of how strong the losing of the coin toss correlated to losing the game. You had to recognize that. You also have to recognize that there’s never going to be a perfect system that everybody’s going to be satisfied with. You could have 32 different proposals and argue about them for 32 days.” (MLive)


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