From MLive: The Damon Contract


Super Agent Scott Boras


We all know the basic details of Johnny Damon’s contract with the Detroit Tigers.  Basically, $8 million for one year.  

Buster Olney reported today, however, there are numerous hidden perks within the contract.  According to Olney, here are some of the incentives that permeate Damon’s contract:

  • If League MVP: $500,000 (200k for 2nd-5th, 100k for 6th-10th) 
  • If the Tigers win LCS and Damon is the MVP: $150,000
  • If the Tigers win the WS and Damon is the MVP: $200,000
  • If he is voted an All-Star: $100,000
  • If he is selected as an All-Star: $50,000
  • If he wins a gold glove: $100,000
  • He will receive a Suite for every road game

The costs of being a contender, huh?

MLive Article

4 Responses to “From MLive: The Damon Contract”

  1. Nick Says:

    We all know Damon is in it for the extra “perks.” He’s just looking for a pay check at this point.

  2. nick heller Says:

    so true

  3. Kirk Friedman Says:

    Can’t wait to see what he does, though.

  4. Chuck Custer Says:

    He’s a hell of an agent.

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