Zoom-Zoom Back to Form

Oh, how sweet it would be to have a premiere setup man.  Joel Zumaya’s road to recovery is going better than anyone could have expected.  Jim Leyland was all smiles at camp today watching Zoom-Zoom consistently hit triple digits on the gun.  

Here’s the Free Press report


2 Responses to “Zoom-Zoom Back to Form”

  1. Cory Manoogian Says:

    it doesnt matter as long as he gets where hes going, cuz none of this shits’s gonna mean shit where were going, they tell you stop but you just sit there ignoring, even though you wake up feelin like shit every morning. it doesnt matter how hard zumaya throws unless he can place his curve ball.

  2. Pauline Stewart Says:

    I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to the season, they are playing hot hot HOT!!!!

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