Lions Notes

  • The Lions would be wise to take a look at Free Agent running back Brian Westbrook.  He was released this week by the Philadelphia Eagles.  Early reports suggest the Patriots and Saints as suitors, although the Saints have a surprising interest in Landanian Tomlinson.  With the exception of very few, running backs are a very replaceable position. However, Westbrook’s skills are something hard to come by.  He is a tough running, who catches out of the backfield and can spread out wide.  He can make people miss, and he can put his head down.  The concern is ongoing problems with concussions. That said, this guy is worth a carefully calculated risk.
  • General Manager Martin Mayhew is saying very little about his intentions regarding the number two overall pick.  Reports have suggested the Lions are shopping the pick to teams needing a quarterback, the Bucs and Chiefs have been named. The pick will garner a lot more interest should rumors be true that the St. Louis Rams are considering taking Sam Bradford at number one overall.  If that is the case, teams may be hungry to nab defensive tackles Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy.  Should the Lions keep the pick, and that seems likely, they sit in a pretty position to lock up a solid defender.
  • The Lions have released defensive end Jared Devries.  However, Devries very well may be wearing the Honolulu blue when it’s all said and done.  Devries was due for a $400k bonus, and in order to avoid paying the bonus after Devries spent the year on the injured list, the Lions were planning on releasing him.  Devries requested the Lions release him now so he may test free agent waters.  
  • Martin Mayhew said yesterday, “”We want to look for the best players we can find without regard to what side of the ball that they play, what position that they play.”  The usual philosophy from the Lions at this point in their draft research. Eric Berry and Joe Haden may be the best playmakers on the board, but will the Lions really risk another high draft pick on a player who doesn’t play in the trenches, especially considering the early success of safety Louis Delmas?

3 Responses to “Lions Notes”

  1. Cory Manoogian Says:

    Westbrook would be an amazing help to kevin smith as well… i think he would learn well, every year in the past the lions should have been trading down, id like to see them get suh though.

  2. Ian Says:

    couldn’t agree more. Westbrook is a rare talent, and absolutely has something left in the tank still. I just hope the Pats get him instead…

  3. Lions Fan Says:

    I think we all just need to cross our fingers, grab our Rosary, and pray. Pray hard.

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