Johnny Damon Watch Continues

  Johnny Damon continues to weigh his options.  According to Damon, he has multiple offers to consider that are not being reported.  It very well could be a continuing ploy to improve his stock, or teams are indeed willing to offer a long-term and lucrative contract to a 36-year-old semi-DH.  It’s Scott Boras.  This won’t be the first time Mr. I has bailed him out of his own mess.  That said, who cares?  If Mr. I is willing to go to the checkbook in committing to a winner, then so be it.  There is no denying that Damon absolutely will help this team, and if the only criticism is how much he costs, then its a weak one.  Your generosity is appreciated, Mr. I.  If he doesn’t sign, that’s fine as well.  He’ll be settling for less money, and the Tigers are no worse off than before.  It’s a neutral situation for the Tigers, but there’s a win-lose aspect for Damon.  Below are some interesting takes regarding Damon.

ESPN’s Baseball Tonight Analysis

Drew Sharp, Detroit Free Press Column


One Response to “Johnny Damon Watch Continues”

  1. Alice Says:

    I cant not tell you how excited I gonna get if this deal goes through.

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