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Adam Schefter: Rams will take Bradford

February 26, 2010

From Adam Schefter reported by

“I would like to record something here, on February 24th. Two months from the draft. And tell you who the number one pick is gonna be right now. On the basis of what I’ve talked to people around the league [about], everything I’ve heard. And at some point it’s gonna shift to this guy, and I don’t know whether it’ll be now or late March. It’ll probably be after his Pro Day, when he goes through his Pro Day and goes through his workout. Then all of a sudden — it’ll be about a month from now — we’ll start hearing, ‘Wow. Would and could the Rams take with the number one overall pick Sam Bradford?’

“And I believe ultimately, when all is said and done, that the Rams’ number one pick on April 22nd, two months from now, will be Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford. I’m willing to take all bets on that one right now.”

Detroit News on Bradford


From Ozzie Guillen Twitter

February 25, 2010


Here’s a tweet from Ozzie that I found amusing:

“3 day of Spring Training and im already boreddddddd.”

From MLive: The Damon Contract

February 25, 2010


Super Agent Scott Boras


We all know the basic details of Johnny Damon’s contract with the Detroit Tigers.  Basically, $8 million for one year.  

Buster Olney reported today, however, there are numerous hidden perks within the contract.  According to Olney, here are some of the incentives that permeate Damon’s contract:

  • If League MVP: $500,000 (200k for 2nd-5th, 100k for 6th-10th) 
  • If the Tigers win LCS and Damon is the MVP: $150,000
  • If the Tigers win the WS and Damon is the MVP: $200,000
  • If he is voted an All-Star: $100,000
  • If he is selected as an All-Star: $50,000
  • If he wins a gold glove: $100,000
  • He will receive a Suite for every road game

The costs of being a contender, huh?

MLive Article

Lions Notes

February 24, 2010

  • The Lions would be wise to take a look at Free Agent running back Brian Westbrook.  He was released this week by the Philadelphia Eagles.  Early reports suggest the Patriots and Saints as suitors, although the Saints have a surprising interest in Landanian Tomlinson.  With the exception of very few, running backs are a very replaceable position. However, Westbrook’s skills are something hard to come by.  He is a tough running, who catches out of the backfield and can spread out wide.  He can make people miss, and he can put his head down.  The concern is ongoing problems with concussions. That said, this guy is worth a carefully calculated risk.
  • General Manager Martin Mayhew is saying very little about his intentions regarding the number two overall pick.  Reports have suggested the Lions are shopping the pick to teams needing a quarterback, the Bucs and Chiefs have been named. The pick will garner a lot more interest should rumors be true that the St. Louis Rams are considering taking Sam Bradford at number one overall.  If that is the case, teams may be hungry to nab defensive tackles Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy.  Should the Lions keep the pick, and that seems likely, they sit in a pretty position to lock up a solid defender.
  • The Lions have released defensive end Jared Devries.  However, Devries very well may be wearing the Honolulu blue when it’s all said and done.  Devries was due for a $400k bonus, and in order to avoid paying the bonus after Devries spent the year on the injured list, the Lions were planning on releasing him.  Devries requested the Lions release him now so he may test free agent waters.  
  • Martin Mayhew said yesterday, “”We want to look for the best players we can find without regard to what side of the ball that they play, what position that they play.”  The usual philosophy from the Lions at this point in their draft research. Eric Berry and Joe Haden may be the best playmakers on the board, but will the Lions really risk another high draft pick on a player who doesn’t play in the trenches, especially considering the early success of safety Louis Delmas?

Zoom-Zoom Back to Form

February 24, 2010

Oh, how sweet it would be to have a premiere setup man.  Joel Zumaya’s road to recovery is going better than anyone could have expected.  Jim Leyland was all smiles at camp today watching Zoom-Zoom consistently hit triple digits on the gun.  

Here’s the Free Press report

Damon and Granderson, Different Issues

February 21, 2010

I love Curtis Granderson.  Off the field, the guy is everything you could ever want in a professional athlete.  He is a phenomenal human being with some exceptional baseball skills.  With that said, it’s time to stop crying.

In every early analysis of the Tigers most recent acquisition of Johnny Damon, by fans and media, there is always a question as to why the Tigers are claiming to cut payroll in trading Granderson, but then giving Johnny Damon $8 million.  However, that question is rooted in poor logic.

Yes, the Tigers have said that the Granderson deal was partially to shed payroll.  That part of the trade rationale, however, is not mutually exclusive from the fact that trading the center fielder was a baseball move. Granderson is scheduled to make $25.75 million over the next three years.  There are serious concerns not only about his impermissible amount of strikeouts in the leadoff hole or his atrocious .183 batting average against lefties, but also that his defensive skills are diminishing.  Those are tangible and statistical facts.  When you have those concerns about your leadoff hitter, who you owe $25.75 million, of course finances are involved.  Obviously, if you can avoid it, you don’t want to pay a player that amount of money when you are not getting the right return on your investment.  The value the Tigers received for Granderson and Edwin Jackson was phenomenal.  So, yes, they wanted to shed payroll, but not just for the sake of lowering the bottom line, but rather, in the interest building a better ballclub. 

Despite the Tigers concerns over Granderson, you are still talking about a quality hitter, who was also your leadoff hitter.  Trading him left a huge void at the top of the lineup.  Austin Jackson and Scott Sizemore are rookies who are clearly going to be up and down throughout the season.  It’s hard to imagine putting a competitive team on the field without guys consistently getting on base for Magglio Ordonez and Miguel Cabrera. 

Enter Johnny Damon.  The Tigers are obligated to pay Damon $8 million dollars for 2010.  That’s it.  No strings attached.  While the Tigers groom Austin Jackson and Scott Sizemore, they now have a proven winner with first-class numbers to ease the burden.  Damon will be a solid leadoff hitter with his .355 on-base percentage, or a solid two-hole hitter to protect one of the rookies in the leadoff spot.  They are basically paying $8 million in order to avoid paying $25.75 AND remain competitive. 

Being critical of the Tigers vision with regard to the Granderson trade is one thing, but criticism of Mike Ilitch for spending money on someone who will clearly help this team is misplaced.  The Granderson trade was never about aimless cost cutting. It was a carefully crafted re-investment by the Tiger organization that needed to be done.  The Tigers are better now.  They can easily compete in this division.  Time to move on.

Source: Tigers Sign Damon

February 20, 2010


Sources say the Tigers have come to terms with free agent outfielder Johnny Damon.  Terms of the deal are rumored to be $8 million for one-year.

Read it here.

ESPN Rumor: Carlos Boozer

February 16, 2010

ESPN’s Marc Stein introduced a possibility for a Detroit deadline deal.

Read it here.

Lions Q & A

February 16, 2010

The Killer took some interesting email questions today on MLive.  One in particular discusses how Suh or McCoy may fit into the Lions scheme.

Read it here.

All’s Quiet in Auburn Hills

February 16, 2010

After weeks of trade rumors surrounding Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince, things have gotten awfully quiet.  Joe Dumars is reportedly asking for starting players in return for Hamilton and Prince, not expiring contracts.  GMs around the league apparently don’t feel that either is their missing piece.  After trading away the backbone of the organization in Chauncey Billups, and grossly overpaying for Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva, maybe it’s time Joe Dumars starts taking heat.  Logic would say that in order for the Pistons to be competitive in this summer’s free agent market, shedding Hamilton and Prince’s contracts is a necessity.  Let’s go, Joe!